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Questions and Answers
Can Umnico be used for free?
Yes, you can test all of Umnico's features for free for 3 days.
In the trial version you can activate integration with Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, VKontakte, Telegram, connect the free live chat on your own website and web business card, integrate Umnico with amoCRM and Bitrix24, and test all the features of our service to be sure it suits your business.
Why are managers needed?
Manager access is necessary for your employees. You will be able to flexibly configure the powers of employees, giving them access to the channels and functions they need from the service. You will also have the ability to see analytics for employees, their response speed, their sales turnover, and much more.
Can I change my plan after payment?
Yes it is possible. At any time you can purchase and connect up the whatever integrations or features you need.
How is the payment for the service handled?
The service is paid for either monthly, quarterly, semiannually, yearly, or biannually. Charges are calculated daily within the system according to your customized service plan. When purchasing new integrations, they will be added to your plan and the amount charged will change.
Are there any discounts for Umnico's service?
Yes, all Umnico users who have chosen to subscribe to the service on 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, or 2 year plans will receive an immediate discount; no bonuses, cashback, or other nonsense. When purchasing a 3 month plan — 5%, 6 months — 10%, yearly — 25%, and 2 year plans receive a — 35% discount.
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