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Mailings in CRM are no longer a problem

Users with amoCRM and Bitrix24 are able to send bulk messages to clients on all connected social networks and messengers.

Feature-rich Umnico widget

AmoCRM and Bitrix24 have a multifunctional Umnico widget that allows you to dialogue with all clients, respond to comments, be the first to reach out to clients, and all this in a convenient interface.

Search by messages and clients from social networks and messengers. This function is integrated into the widget, as well as all necessary filters.


Integration with Bitrix24

Communicate through Bitrix24's Open Channels with a widget or mobile application, send mailings and business proposals, connect bots and set up Business Processes.

Our widget allows you to communicate in Bitrix 24 with all clients simultaneously from a familiar messenger interface.

All file types are supported without restrictions.

Integration with amoCRM

Chat about deals, in our widget and mobile app, send mailings, reach out to customers first, connect with Sales Bot and set up Digital Pipeline.

Our convenient widget allows you to have a conversation with several clients at the same time using a familiar messenger interface.

All file types are supported without restrictions.


All social networks and messengers in one mobile application

All your chats are here

Umnico's service, which unites all messengers, allows you to continue communicating with all your clients wherever you are.

All available features

Full access to pipelines, templates, client information and special Umnico features.

Take photos and send them

Send photos and videos of your goods to your customers immediately through the application.

Prebuilt integrations and an open API

Ready-to-use integrations with amoCRM, Bitrix24, MySupply, MyDocuments-Tourism, and Vtiger. Alternatively, integration with your own system is possible.
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