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How to See Who Viewed your Instagram Story- Guide by Umnico

‘Who viewed my Instagram Story?’ is a question we’ve all asked ourselves at least once. Instagram Stories are a temporary but increasingly popular form of Instagram content among both brands and users. They show real, unedited content that helps build genuine relationships and engage audiences. Plus, there's a lot of useful data in Instagram Stories analytics.

In this article, we will explore how to see who viewed your Stories. Also, we will provide you with practical strategies to use this data to improve engagement and campaign performance.

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What is Instagram Story and who can view them

Before we explore how to see who viewed your Instagram story, let’s establish what is a story on Instagram social media platform.

Instagram Story is a feature that lets you share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. You can use it to capture everyday moments, highlight the special ones, or express yourself with text, music, stickers, filters, and GIFs.

As part of Instagram's efforts to provide more creative and engaging ways for users to express themselves and connect with others, Instagram Stories were introduced in 2016 and came with additional features such as filters, stickers, music, polls, and quizzes, which have been gradually expanded to make Instagram stories more fun and interactive.

Benefits of Instagram Stories for Brands

By default, all of your followers can view your Instagram stories. However, you can easily change this in the Privacy settings (more on this later).

How to see who viewed your Instagram Story – Android

If you’re curious about who's been tuning into your Instagram stories, unlocking the viewer list is easy on Android and can provide valuable insights into your audience reach and engagement.

Who viewed your Instagram Story on Android
  1. Open your story: tap your profile picture in the Instagram app to access your active story.
  2. Tap on the viewer icon: look for the faint eye symbol in the bottom left corner — this icon indicates viewers since your story's publication.
  3. Learn more (optional): tap any username to access their profile, send them a direct message, or engage in further interaction.

By following these simple steps, you can gain valuable insights into who's engaging with your Instagram story content. This information can inform future content creation, marketing strategies, and ultimately, help you connect with your audience on a deeper level.

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How to see who viewed your Instagram Story – iPhone

Exploring who interacts with your content via the Instagram app for iPhone is not any more difficult than on the Android platform.

  1. Access your Instagram app and navigate to your profile picture to access your active story.
  2. In the bottom left corner, locate the eye icon, which indicates viewers since your story's publication. After tapping the icon, you will discover a list of usernames who have engaged with it.
  3. Gain audience insights (optional). Analyze the data provided to understand your audience demographics and reach. By tapping any username, you can access their profile, establish direct communication via messaging, or explore potential opportunities for collaboration.
Instagram story settings

Use the ‘Story settings’ option to control who can view it. This allows you to restrict viewers, and enable or disable replies, catering to your specific communication goals.

How to see who viewed your Instagram Story – Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite app offers a lightweight experience for the users of Android smartphones. Here's how to discover the viewers of your Instagram story on Instagram Lite:

  1. Open the Instagram Lite app and tap your profile picture to access your active story.
  2. In the bottom left corner, look for the eye icon. Tap on it and see a detailed list of usernames who have graced your story with their attention.
  3. Engage with the views (optional). Analyze the audience list to measure your story’s engagement and reach. Tap any username to visit their profile, send a direct message, or start a further interaction.

Insights into Story Viewers is an essential tool for understanding your audience and refining your content strategy.

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Can someone see your Instagram Story anonymously?

For better or for worse, it's not possible to know exactly who has viewed your Instagram Story. This is because there are several methods people can use to watch it anonymously. If you keep your account public, people might use third-party apps to see posted stories without being listed in the viewers’ list. Also, a person might create a fake Instagram account, take someone else’s identity and view your story.

The silver lining here is that you can also have these options to watch others' stories anonymously. From using an Instagram account that doesn’t reveal your real name to employing third-party software, you can easily peek into others' stories anonymously, as long as they keep their profile public.

Can I see who viewed my deleted Instagram Story?

According to Instagram’s internal data policy, users can’t access the list of viewers of a story that has been deleted. Even if a user viewed your Story prior to its deletion, this information is not recoverable.

With this information established, here are some important aspects to bear in mind:

  • Period of viewing. Instagram provides a 48-hour window post-publication for you to access a viewer list. After this period, the data is irretrievably erased.
  • Archive. Archiving your Story preserves it in its original form but does not include any audience engagement data.
  • Third-party apps and solutions. Considering the popularity of Instagram, there are various apps and services that are positioned as being able to track Instagram Story views. However, the social media platform does not officially support any of these tools, which puts their reliability and security into question.

How to keep your Stories private

For effective future management of the audience of your Instagram stories, consider the following strategies:

Use the “Close Friends” feature

This feature enables you to share your Stories with a pre-selected group, giving you greater control over your content's visibility.

Adjust privacy settings

You can alter your account's privacy settings to restrict who can view your Stories.

How to restrict who can view your Instagram Stories

You can also go to your story viewers list, tap “...” next to a name, and choose “Hide Your Story”. Keep in mind though that hiding isn't blocking; these viewers can still see your profile and posts. Your account privacy also affects story visibility.

Plan content in advance

Prior to posting, contemplate your target audience and adjust your privacy settings or select the appropriate feature (story or regular feed) based on your objectives.

Remember, Instagram Stories are designed to promote spontaneous and temporary sharing. If you need your content to be visible for a longer duration, consider posting it on your regular feed or creating a highlight.

Summing things up

Instagram stories are a great format of content to show users’ ‘real’ not-so-perfect everyday lives or events as they unfold in real-time. Stories can be used effectively by brands to forge a stronger bond with their audience, decreasing the ‘distance’ between them and showing a company’s more humane side. Of course, it can also be used simply as an extra tool to attract followers’ attention to recent posts.

To efficiently manage customer interactions, and gain valuable insights and analytics, companies might use an Instagram CRM system. For example, Umnico is a powerful tool that allows a brand to streamline communications via Instagram and other social media platforms and gather valuable insights to enhance marketing strategies, ultimately boosting brand loyalty and business success.

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