How a Company Can Take Advantage of Telegram Groups

Exploring the benefits of Telegram groups for marketing & customer communication.

Telegram Groups: Guide by Umnico

Today, companies are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to connect with their audience. One such platform that has recently gained significant traction is Telegram. With its audience surpassing 900 million users and recently introduced features that enhance group chats, Telegram groups can be a valuable tool for brands to enhance customer experience, foster community, and ultimately drive business growth. In the article, we will explore the potential of Telegram group chats in transforming a brand's customer communication.

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What Is Telegram group?

A group in Telegram messenger is a digital space that allows up to 200,000 participants to engage in conversations, share files, and foster a community around common interests or projects.

While such a virtual meeting room is ideal for collaboration and sharing information among individuals, it can also be used by brands to maintain close communication with their customer base.

Telegram Group vs Telegram Channel

Apart from private messages, there are two forms of communication available to Telegram users: channels and groups. The former serves as a broadcast tool, ideal for sharing information one-way, without expecting direct replies in return. Channels are perfectly suitable for making announcements and presenting updates, new products, or events. Meanwhile, the latter can be used for fostering interactive discussions and building communities, since all members of a Telegram group can participate in a conversation at the same time. This makes the groups a fit tool for brands to learn more about their audience and promote a sense of community among them.

Telegram Groups and Channels difference

How to find Telegram groups

Finding Telegram groups that are relevant to your interests or business can be a daunting task if performed without any assistance by simply searching in the app. However, things get much easier if one explores social media platforms for shared links, or visits websites that curate lists of Telegram groups. Such an approach can lead you to the most pertinent groups for networking and business growth or any other goal relevant to your interests.

What is the biggest Telegram group?

The dynamics of Telegram's user engagement means the largest group can change rapidly. In contrast to channels, groups tend to be smaller in size, since it can get quite too crowded if the number of group members reaches the upper limit of 200k people, with everyone having access to posting messaging in the group. Also, that is why finding top-10 Telegram group chats is impossible, since they constantly shift their rankings based on the number of members.

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Private Telegram Groups vs Public Telegram Groups

Since we have already touched on the subject of the difference between channels and groups in Telegram, let us explore the classification that exists within groups themselves. Public groups can be found and joined by anyone, making them akin to a public space in real life, while private groups operate on a members-only club model, where a person can gain entrance only with an invite, e.g. a direct link.

How to join private Telegram groups via invite link

Joining a private Telegram group through an invite link is an easy process.

  1. Obtain the Invite Link. The group admin or a member of the private Telegram group will need to provide you with the invite link.
  2. Click on the link to open it in your web browser or redirect to the Telegram app if installed on your device. You will then be able to join the group. If you are using a web browser, you will be prompted to open the link in the Telegram app.
  3. Click 'Join' to confirm that you want to become a member and enter the group. You can then participate in group discussions, view shared content, and interact with other members.

Does Telegram have secret groups?

While there is no explicitly 'secret' category of groups in Telegram, generally, private groups can be considered secret since they are invisible to the uninvited. To access such a group, Telegram users have to obtain an invitation from the group's owner or admin, which ensures confidentiality and exclusivity.

How to make your Telegram group private

To set your group to private mode in Telegram, create a new group or modify an existing one by selecting 'Group Type' and setting it to Private. This way, the group remains exclusive to members who are directly invited or have the link.

How to create a Telegram group

Finally, let's review the process of creating a Telegram group, which consists of a few easy steps.

  1. Launch the Telegram app. Start by opening the Telegram app on your device.
  2. Create a new group. If you use a mobile app, tap on the Pencil Icon or, if you use a desktop app, select "New Group" from a side menu.
  3. How to create Telegram group
  4. Invite contacts. Next, you will be prompted to choose the contacts you want to include in the group. You can select contacts from your address book or search for specific users by their username.
  5. Set the group's name and photo. Choose a descriptive and relevant name that reflects the purpose or topic of the group.
  6. Engage the group's members. With the contacts selected and the group named, you are now ready to create a community or productive workspace on Telegram. Encourage members to participate, engage in discussions, share content, and collaborate effectively within the group.

Benefits of Using Telegram Group for Business

Incorporating a Telegram group into a marketing strategy can provide numerous benefits for a brand.

Community building

Telegram groups can serve as a perfect community-building tool. By creating a space for like-minded individuals to discuss topics related to your products or services, you can foster a sense of belonging and increased loyalty among your followers, strengthening the bond between your brand and its audience.

Real-time feedback

One of the key benefits of using Telegram groups for business is the opportunity to receive immediate feedback from your audience. This can provide valuable insights into their preferences and needs, helping to improve your products or services and better meet their expectations.

Personalized customer service

By offering a direct line of communication via a Telegram group chat, a company can quickly address inquiries, resolve issues, and provide timely assistance, building trust and loyalty among its audience.


Telegram has a large user base worldwide, making it an effective platform for communication and engagement with customers, employees, and other stakeholders. According to the latest corporate data, the global audience of the messenger has surpassed 900 million users, making it the 6th most popular app in the world. This means that joining a company's group on Telegram is easier for many people since they are already active users of the platform.

Telegram User Base growth

Wide set of features

In March 2024, Telegram introduced new features that extend group functionality. These features allow groups to publish stories, customize their appearance, and offer premium features like Voice-to-Text conversion and custom emojis to their members. The features are unlocked by boosting, a process where group members can enhance their favorite chats. Boosted groups can customize their appearance, including the color and logo of the group’s profile cover, emoji status, and wallpaper. Users who have boosted the group, or boosters, receive a special Booster Badge and can be given unique privileges by admins.

Umnico’s omnichannel messaging platform is an effective way to manage a brand's presence on Telegram as it allows a company to combine all incoming messages from accounts on popular messengers and social media in one window. The platform streamlines customer communication and enhances interactions with its members. Also, Umnico improves service quality, simplifies task distribution among employees, and allows managers to analyze their performance. An intuitive chatbot builder also makes it easy to automate the processing of frequently asked questions.

Tips on how to manage Telegram Groups

Managing a Telegram group effectively requires taking into consideration multiple aspects. Let's take a look at the most important of them.

How to manage Telegram Groups
  • Rules and guidelines. Establish and communicate clear rules and guidelines for your Telegram group. This way, you can ensure a respectful and positive environment for all members.
  • Moderation. Appoint trusted members as moderators. They can help manage the group, monitor discussions, and enforce the rules, assisting in resolving any conflicts or issues.
  • Gather feedback. Use Telegram’s polling feature to gather feedback and gauge the group’s preferences. This can also increase engagement and interaction.
  • Events and activities. Organize regular events like Q&A sessions, webinars, or themed discussions. These interactive activities can strengthen the bond between group members and foster a sense of community.
  • Content sharing. Share informative and relevant content to spark discussions and foster active participation among the group's members. This could include news articles, blog posts, videos, or resources related to the group’s topic of interest.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively manage your brand's Telegram group, create a positive community environment, and provide a valuable experience for all members.

Summing things up

Telegram group chats can be a unique and powerful tool for businesses to engage with their audience in real time. By fostering active participation, providing personalized customer service, and building a sense of community, companies can significantly enhance their customer experience. Leveraging these strategies not only strengthens the bond with the audience, but also drives business growth.

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