7 Benefits of Social Media Management Software for Growing Companies

We shed light on SMM applications and their core business advantages.

Social media management application advantages

In today's fast-paced digital age, social media has become a crucial part of branding and marketing your business. However, you’ll know how time consuming this responsibility can be if you’ve ever managed a brand on social media, especially if you have multiple channels. That's where social media management tools come into play.

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Do you really need social media marketing for your business?

This question is one you might have asked yourself at some point. Let’s get one thing straight.

You can still run a business without a social media presence. But most marketing and business growth trends seem to point towards one undeniable truth: social media helps your business grow.

One study showed that 77% of marketers said that their social media campaigns were somewhat too highly effective. Later in this article, you’ll also learn seven benefits of social media management software for growing companies.

But before we look at those benefits, we first need to understand what social media management tool features businesses can use. Among the many, these are the most useful for growing companies.

Social media post scheduling

The best social media management software allows you to schedule out content ahead of time, so you can more proactively plan out what posts you want to post days or even weeks in advance.

Many social media marketers, business owners, and managers use this tool to save time and energy. It also helps you to present posts for approval if someone else needs to give a go signal before sending posts out.

Social listening

Effective social media management involves more than creating posts and sending them out. You also need to ensure that your content resonates with your target audience. You can do this by applying social listening strategies— checking out what trends and content types people engage with most.

With social media management software, you can streamline this process by letting an automated system curate and present trends, content ideas, hashtags, keywords, and other data to help you create content that people will love.

Analytics and reporting

Good social media management tools also have analytics and reporting features that track your social media contents’ performance. You can track things like views, engagement, link clicks, and more.

You can even get demographic data of the people who follow and interact with your content. Some of that data include their age, gender, location, interests, mobile device type, and more.

Social media communications

Social media management tools also help you with your communications, including responding to comments and direct messages.

Many businesses use these tools to respond to leads and existing customers who might message their social channels for inquiries and support. This feature helps improve customer communication and delight upcoming and existing customers.

7 Benefits of social media management software

7 Benefits of Social Media Management Software

So now that you know what you can do with social media management software, let’s look at some of the benefits these features bring to your business or company.

Save time

For growing companies with limited resources, time is a precious commodity. So using social media is valuable as it allows you to automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows. That way, your marketing team or managers can focus on more high-level tasks such as strategy development, audience engagement, and brand building.

Here are some examples of tasks social media management tools can automate for you to save time.

  • Posting content across multiple social media platforms
  • Responding to messages and comments
  • Analyzing engagement metrics and performance data
  • Creating and managing content calendars
  • Monitoring brand mentions and keywords

Improved efficiency

The best social media management tools for small businesses can improve efficiency by providing a centralized platform for managing social media accounts, streamlining workflows, and optimizing performance. And with more efficiency comes lesser burnout and stress for your existing marketing teams.

Features like content calendars, content libraries, and automated posting schedules, companies can save time and reduce errors in their social media management. We highly recommend using tools like Pardot too to help create marketing automations to further streamline your social media marketing workflow. There are also many alternatives to Pardot that could help you with social media management.

Better marketing insight and strategy

Nowadays, you can collect as data like never before thanks to the tools that scrape the internet and get all sorts of information and numbers that can tell you about your audience’s behaviors, preferences, and priorities.

Social media management software can provide real-time analytics and performance data, allowing companies to make informed decisions and optimize their social media strategy in real-time. This helps you create better strategies that will improve engagement, and even sales conversion.

Audience engagement

Social media management software also improves audience engagement with your brand on platforms and in channels. They can do this by providing tools and features to help you create and curate high-quality content, engage with followers, and build relationships with your audience.

By using social media tools to amplify engagement activities and create high-quality content, companies can improve their brand image, increase brand awareness, and foster a loyal following. Additionally, engaged followers are more likely to share content, leave positive reviews, and recommend the brand to others, leading to increased brand advocacy and organic growth.

Collaboration and team management

Most of the time, you have two or more people managing your social media marketing efforts. A social media management tool is often cloud-based, allowing your team to access insights, content, and content schedules wherever they are. As a result, they can work together virtually or on-site to craft great content for your social media channels.

This is especially true when you pair your digital marketing tools with great project management practices. If you use a social media management tool alongside a project management tool, your marketing team will become a well-oiled machine. Check out this compilation of online project management tools that could help you increase social media management efficiency.

Cost savings

Social media management software significantly helps reduce labor costs so your business can cut on expenses. Moreover, using these tools minimizes errors and redundancies and optimizes social media strategy, leading to better results at a lower cost.

When your company can achieve significant cost savings while improving their social media presence and driving growth, you can make your business more sustainable over the long term. Moreover, social media management software can help companies scale their social media presence without adding significant costs, enabling them to compete effectively in their industry.

More sales

Social commerce is at an all-time high. So tapping into the power of social media management tools will allow you to start using your social media platforms to sell your products.

Most social media management tools don’t let you sell on social per se, meaning you can’t collect payments or manage orders on them. But social media management tools help you facilitate an equally important part of social commerce: promotions. They let you post, schedule out, monitor, and adjust promotional posts that could drive more sales for your business. As a result, you make more money through your social media efforts.

Empower your social media and marketing team

Social media management tools are powerful enablers for your social media and marketing team. They equip them with several features that will improve your social media presence and drive growth when used well.

As social media becomes an increasingly important part of the marketing mix, investing in social media management software will start to become the norm. We’re already approaching a time where most businesses, whether small or large, use some form of social media management software.

By leveraging the benefits of social media management software, companies can streamline their social media operations, optimize their social media strategy, and drive growth in the digital age.

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