Five of the Best Live Chat Software for the Real Estate Market

Check out the most capable live chat platforms for real estate companies.

Live chat software for real estate

Today's real estate companies need to be top communicators to succeed in the hyper-efficient digital economy. When it comes to keeping customers happy, businesses can't avoid using digital and mobile channels of contact.

With a live chat system, businesses may have instantaneous conversations with site visitors. The results might include an increase in conversion rates, strengthened customer loyalty, and a conclusive sale. Using Umnico's technology, this article will explore the many ways in which the real estate market may stand to benefit from using live chat platforms.

What does "real estate live chat" mean?

Brokerages and agencies benefit from live chat for real estate since it improves communication between agents and clients. Live chat might be useful for many types of brokers. Providing a clear and quick answer to consumer inquiries and concerns is a simple and efficient technique to increase happiness among the clientele.

In addition to capturing leads and responding to customer inquiries, they do both really well. Clients who have already left your website may return if they are greeted with a response. Technology advancements have made it possible to tailor your business's customer service to each individual's requirements.

Last, it allows businesses to quickly assist real estate tenants and buyers, which boosts customer satisfaction and ultimately, sales. You may set yourself apart from other real estate agencies by supplying a live chat feature that improves communication with clients.

Core benefits of live chat for real estate: a big help when buying or selling property

Real-time chat software must be available to agents at all times. Both potential customers and help desk staff may reap the rewards. The customer service benefits of live chat software designed specifically for the real estate industry. It is important to include a live chat option on a website so that clients can ask inquiries and get answers before making a purchase. Live chat allows companies to quickly address customer concerns.

Customer satisfaction rate with communication channel

Customer support and lead generation may both benefit from the use of live chat. Live chat allows real estate businesses to connect with site visitors and close more deals. As the service benefits both renters and buyers, it has the potential to increase income right away. In the real estate industry, live chat has the ability to boost customer service, lead generation, and revenue.

It is possible that a chat platform will aid in the expansion of your business and the strengthening of your connections with existing customers.

Five of the best live chats for property investment businesses

For lasting success in today's real estate market, even mediocre customer service is a must. Live chat software has the potential to vastly enhance customer service. These are some of the best live chat programmes for the property business this year:


Successful real estate companies ought to consider using Intercom as their main customer service channel. This live chat is a great way for businesses to connect with customers and find new prospects, all while tailoring their offerings to each user's specific requirements. Intercom chatbots can streamline user support and encourage engagement. But, with targeted messaging, businesses may have more personal exchanges with particular customers by sending them information that is relevant to their interests. This is accomplished via the distribution of media to end users. Each of their offerings solves problems that arise in the course of interacting with customers. Intercom is a helpful resource for businesses seeking a scalable communication platform.

Intercom’s UI

Facebook Messenger

Consider using Facebook Messenger as a means of communication for your small to medium-sized real estate firm if you have a sizable online presence. A chatbot or human agent may be set up to respond to messages on Facebook. If this effort is successful, it might aid companies in increasing customer satisfaction, attracting new leads, and pique more consumer interest in the products and services they provide. For businesses on a tighter customer care budget, Facebook Messenger might be a viable alternative.


The live chat functionality of the Umnico omnichannel messaging platform makes it a great fit for real estate management businesses of all sizes. When a business uses Umnico Inbox, all of its channels of communication with its customers are aggregated into one convenient inbox, making it possible for the business to interact with its customers in real time through platforms like social media and instant messengers. As such, the company offers services like customer relationship management (CRM) and messaging connections to help companies keep in touch with existing clients and find new ones.

Umnico Inbox window

Because to Umnico's chat features, businesses now have more ways to reach out to their customers. In addition, there are lead-generating forms, adaptable form layouts, and the ability to share files. With Umnico's more than 25 pre-built connections and infinite extra custom connection options, integrating your company's software with that of your business partners is as easy as plugging and playing.


A knowledge base, live chat, and email support are standard elements of the LiveHelpNow customer service platform. Live chat is a useful tool for businesses looking to increase their lead generation and client satisfaction via responsive support. This platform may be a good fit for large real estate companies that receive a lot of inquiries and require a lot of help. Corporations may benefit from email management systems in order to handle the influx of communications they receive. Clients may learn more on their own time by searching the knowledge base's FAQs and other resources.


LivePerson is an AI platform that allows two-way communication with features like chatbots and real-time texting. The web is where you can find LivePerson. Live chat is a tool that facilitates instantaneous communication between businesses and their customers, leading to enhanced service quality and client satisfaction. Bigger real estate companies that want to provide their clients with full service might benefit greatly from this system. One strategy that businesses may use to streamline their interactions with customers is to use chatbots to answer the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) that arise during customer service.

How to compare and choose the top notch live chat for your real estate company

With so many possibilities, it might be difficult to zero in on the live chat software that is most suited for your real estate business. You can make a well-informed choice if you have access to all of the relevant data and factors. Choosing a live chat application for your business is a big decision with many moving parts.

There are a variety of features that can be found in live chat software. They include chatbots, CRM connection, user customization, and analytics. Choose a platform that really shines in the areas that matter most to your company.

Accessibility for all users requires that the platform be evaluated for its ease of use. Without any prior instruction, it is anticipated that users would be able to utilise the system instinctively.

Verify that your live chat software is compatible with your other applications, such as your customer relationship management system, email marketing tools, and social media platforms.

It's important to make sure that the live chat software you're considering is in line with privacy laws like GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Be sure the live chat software you want is affordable before you buy it.

While searching for a suitable live chat platform for your real estate business, keep in mind the following criteria:

  • Don't rush through picking a response from the available alternatives in the live chat software.
  • Consider the features, usability, integration, and security of each solution in addition to the price.
  • Researching case studies, evaluations of real estate companies, and platform reviews is recommended.
  • Be sure the live chat software can handle the volume of traffic your business generates before shelling out the cash to purchase it.
  • Success in the real estate industry is proportional to the quality of your live chat programme. If you want to get the most out of your money, choose a service that can adapt to your specific needs and has stellar customer service. Umnico might be a good example of such a service.

Is there an active real-time chat option?

A live chat feature may be included into a website or mobile app to facilitate instantaneous communication between customers and businesses. Consumers can get in touch with a customer care agent if they have any issues or need quick help. Real estate companies who provide live chat as an addition to standard customer service channels see an increase in lead generation and closed deals.

Live chat significantly increases lead conversion rates and customer satisfaction for real estate businesses, while also providing a large return on investment (ROI). Hence, live chat has the potential to boost both conversion rates and revenue. Similarly, there are several forms of high-quality service assistance that may be provided without the need of getting busy brokers involved. For instance, you may get help by phone or email.


As a conclusion, live chat software helps the real estate industry in three ways: better customer service, more leads, and more money. Companies that can communicate with their clients in real time have a better chance of meeting their individual requirements and providing a more satisfying experience all around.

With its useful set of features like customer relationship management (CRM), instant messaging, and the option to continue conversations on other platforms, Umnico's live chat platform offers a comprehensive offering for real estate businesses. Live chat on the internet offers a number of useful features that might boost a business's client base and revenue.

Live chat software is a great option for real estate companies looking to improve customer service and generate more leads. A company's long-term success and growth may be aided by providing its customers with quick and effective solutions to their problems. Selecting a live chat platform that works effectively for your business is essential if you want to start talking to consumers right away.

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