Stop list

This function allows you to block incoming messages/comments. The functionality setting is in “Settings — Block-list”.

There are three types of blocking in the system:
1. from selected clients;
2. according to the specified posts in social media;
3. blocking based on the specified stop-words.
All blocked users/posts/words are entered into a table that displays the type of blocking, nickname/phone number/stop word, the date when the blocking was added. This function applies only to the system and do not affect instant messengers / social media.

Umnico stop list

1. Block customer
To block a customer, go to the required dialog, click on the account name/number and select block. The user will be blocked and added to the block-list.

Block user

2. Blocking based on post
To block based on a post, select the block, provide a link to the post, and click “Add”. After adding a block, comments from the specified post will no longer get into the system.

Add block post to list

3. Blocking by a stop-word
To block by a stop-word, select the block, specify the word, select the type of blocking message/comment/message+comment and click “Add”.
After adding a blocking, messages containing this word will no longer enter the system.

Add block word to list
Should you have any issues setting up the block lists function, please contact Umnico support in the “Help — Chat with the operator” section. We will be glad to assist.

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